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doggone good time

Whether you are looking for a pet photographer, low-cost vaccine clinic, pet adoptions, or a little family-friendly fun, Top Dogs invites you to enjoy the festivities. 

Adopted & Loved

Top Dogs is committed to supporting the tireless, noble efforts of pet rescue and adoption. Save a life, love unconditionally, make a difference, and adopt a pet!

october SPECIALS

vALID UNTIL october 31st

Delicious & Nutritious treats

​Good food
for good pets​​

Heavy chewer?

No problem

only the best

No corn. No wheat. No soy. No meat by-products. We only carry brands that love your pet the way you do. Click below for a full list of food brands available to you at Top Dogs.

Raw feeding

Have you ever wanted to feed a raw diet to your dog, but didn't know where to start or what brand to choose? We are here to help you find the best diet for your pet's health.

What they need

New furry family member? Whether your new pet barks or meows, Top Dogs carries everything you need to ensure a smooth transition for you & your four-legged companion. 

Shop Local

What are the benefits of shopping at a local business? Learn how your dollar impacts the community in a positive way when you choose to support small establishments.